Simple family observances for almost every holiday... from a Humanist perspective.

"By recognizing the validity of the many, you make the one less and less sacred -- the very sort of thing that could end us up with a more reasonable world."

- Dale McGowan, Parenting Beyond Belief

Friday, February 19, 2010

President's Day - 3rd Monday in February

Brief Background:
This is a National holiday set aside to honor past president's and the current president. It's a great opportunity to do character connection activities and discuss the importance of honesty and leadership.

We read lots of stories about the president's during dinner and discuss what it takes to be president. Then we quiz the kids about which president's are on what U.S. coin or bill. It's a simple way to acknowledge the holiday and yet not have a huge celebration. These holidays are like "breathers" for me in between the larger holidays.

  • Don't know much about the President's by Kenneth C. Davis
  • George Washington, Our first president by Garnet Jackson
  • The Story of George Washington by Patricia A. Pingry
  • The Story of Abraham Lincoln by Patricia A. Pingry
  • Abraham Lincoln loved animals by Ellen Jackson
  • President Obama's speech to students

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